Enigma Protector Wrapper

Version 1.7 is now available (includes C11.1 support)!

The Enigma Protector Wrapper is a class/template set that makes it easy to use the Enigma Protector software protection and licensing system with Clarion.

You work hard to develop your software (some programs take MONTHS or even YEARS to develop).

So why give away even ONE copy of your software to pirates who don’t want to pay for it?

The Enigma Protector is an industrial strength software protection and licensing system that is constantly being updated to bring you the latest protection and to make issuing and managing software licenses easy.

While it is true that the Enigma Protector can not guarantee that your software will never be hacked, it is an excellent first line of defense.

It is also a good way to make sure that your paying customers are only using the copies of your program that they actually paid for.

The Enigma Protector gives you...

  • File Protection - a range of features and technologies to help protect your executable files from hacking, analysis, modification and disassembly
  • Licensing - a system that makes it easy to issue and implement registration keys, binding the license to a specific computer, user, or limiting application usage
  • Trial Control – a system that makes it easy for your potential customers to “try before they buy” without you worrying about lost revenue from “evaluation copies”
  • Free Tools - a license manager, mailer and key generator are all included and ready to use!

About the wrapper...

  • 100% source code (no “black box” DLLs)
  • ABC and Legacy (Clarion) template support
  • Dynamic DLL loading (works with C55 – C11 without the need of .LIB files)
  • Works equally well with hand coded projects or appgen applications (.app files)
  • Over 5000 lines of code so that you can use it easily in Clarion with just a few lines of code!

The real strength of the Enigma Protector is your ability to interact with the protective shell from within your application. Our Clarion wrapper makes that easy!

We’ll have more data about the Enigma Protector and the wrapper on this page soon.

We have a special arrangement with the creators of the Enigma Protector to save you money!. 

You can buy the single developer version of our wrapper for $159.00 AND save 20% when you buy the Enigma Protector Desktop edition!

Registered User Name:


Our special arrangement also applies to the Company license** of the Enigma Protector!

You can buy the Company license ** version of our wrapper for $319.00 AND save 20% when you buy the Enigma Protector Company edition!

Registered User Name:

** If you are a “One Person Company”, you can use the single developer licenses. If you have multiple developers then you would need the Company license.

Get your copy today!

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